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02 June 2010 @ 02:11 pm
[Fic: Durarara!!] The Stuff of Legend  
Title: The Stuff of Legend
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Shizuo/Celty + Izaya
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Summary: They dance a fragile two-step in the city’s limelight.  He watches, intrigued, from the sidelines.
- - - - -
They make two halves of the quintessential odd couple, the bartender-suited terror of Ikebukuro and the mystery-shrouded Headless Rider, rumors of a daring tryst between two urban legends flying faster than hurled vending machines and fit to grace the gossiped pages of tourist-guides-turned-tabloids, sealed and approved by Orihara Izaya himself and sold at a convenience store near you. 

A mere lovers’ sunset stroll through the park has never before triggered such a marked juxtaposition of awe and fear, translucent emotions stamped so plainly on the faces of Ikebukuro's world-weary citizens.  As impromptu spectators, they hurriedly abandon all pretense of discretion for a quick fix of vicarious action and a bid for tonight’s barroom bragging rights.  The oxymoron of emotions manifest at every rainbow-tinted notch along the spectrum, from the wide-eyed transfixion of reckless teenagers to the rapidly ratcheting survival instinct of Mr. Much More Practical, who has a wife and kids to consider and can’t quite afford to kick the bucket in a street brawl just yet, especially on his meager salary.

But the young couple pays the whole lot no discernable heed, pointedly oblivious to the oglers and the busybodies who were ogling yesterday and will still be busybodies tomorrow, a routine regimented like clockwork that puts all Izaya’s religious hobby-switching to shame.  In a world suspended, she squeezes his hand gently in hers as captivated stares bear down on the back of head and helmet alike, the heavy silence drowned by the droning percussion accompaniment of excited fingers tap-tapping on cell phone keypads.  His racing heartbeat and stiffly checked posture are the only clues to betray a madly frothing temper kept neatly hemmed in by the soothing pressure of another’s touch.

They sidle smoothly past the riveted onlookers, an exercise in charades passed with flying colors.  He inhales sharply as they saunter into a more secluded grove, only just now aware he’d been waiting and watching with bated breath, his face bearing an open expression so much like the expectant child wishing on four-leaf clovers and shooting stars.  Ikebukuro’s citizens blink themselves from a single-minded trance, swallowing freshly witnessed reality to paint later caricatures of The bartender who swept the Rider into his arms or trashy-novel-type hype entitled The ruby-red sunset’s ignition of a passionate night, for the rumor mill is an art in constant metamorphosis on the cutting-room floor. 

Sparing little attention for the blueprinting of tomorrow’s headlines on the buzzword drawing board, the couple disappears from view, and the world kindly resumes its churning, clanking, clambering business in their absence.  Ikebukuro's citizens easily forsake their curiosity for the road more traveled, unwittingly preferring the slippery web of juicy gossip to the innocent truth lying at the tangled heart of another hometown mystery.

Finally alone, she needn’t even see his face to revel in the warmth radiating from that honest smile, their blissful escape reflected in the depths of brown eyes.  His sudden hesitant syllables and deferential gestures are encouraged by a sympathetic tilt of her helmet, prompting a slightly crumpled red camellia, its proudly radiant beauty none the worse for a day’s wear, to be drawn from his breast pocket.  His eyes widen in alarm at the unfolding sight of bruised petals, and heart-wrenching apologies tumble forth from parted lips before one ebony-gloved finger presses softly against them to stem the flow. 

That same gentle touch rescues the flower from a reluctant grip as she gazes up into a flushed face and averted gaze.  She would never have pegged him for the blushing romantic type but falls head-over-heels all over again in the upward spiral of epiphany, instantly torn between gushing her feelings in a garbled text and simply cradling the camellia reverently in the palm of her hand, treasured like an O’Keeffe original.  That now-oftentimes irrepressible grin sneaks back to brighten his features as he steals a lucky glance downward, the feather-edged flutter of butterflies in his stomach spurring him to slip an arm discreetly about slender shoulders and resolve their quiet night in a sunset-shaded embrace.

Several meters away, however, Orihara Izaya’s unmistakable smirk looms around the frames of a pair of opera glasses.  The lenses fog with fabricated tears, and he blots his eyes dramatically with a napkin from Russia Sushi.

“Now, now, that’s much too cliché, Shizu-chan,” he murmurs elegantly around the last piece of ootoro, with a light hum and the neat click of tongue on teeth. 

“I’ll have to spice this up quite a bit, you know.  So much work to be done~!”

Indulgent plots and schemes blossom decadently in the recesses of his thoughts, his mind’s eye intoxicated by the opportunity to orchestrate that exquisite camellia's tragic demise, withered, battered--and deliciously trampled underfoot on unforgiving pavement like so many of Ikebukuro’s dreams.  A contented sigh sees him skipping merrily off in the direction of Shinra’s apartment, the siren lure of Chaos fueling every step and a sugary rendition of “Everybody Loves Me, Baby” escaping wide-curled lips.  After all, each author and editor alike understands that true love just doesn't turn a profit like twisted tales of envy-dashed hopes and bittersweet revenge. 

They’re just so much more entertaining, don’t you agree?

- - - - -
A/NThis song.  I swear it's Izaya's personal theme song. XD

Thanks for reading~!

Edited 6/3.

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thundercow: shizuoibuberu on June 3rd, 2010 07:38 am (UTC)
Oh my, this wins because it is ShizuoCelty, and a very wonderful one at that. I fell in love with the flow of the fic, from the people watching, to just the two of them, to Izaya scheming in the background. The last few paragraphs were very well-handled, especially the way you crafted Izaya's thought process. The cute scene between Shizuo, Celty and the camellia was very sweet too - surprising, because they were so wonderfully in character.

If anything, I like your writing style and the wide range of vocabulary used, but do watch out, you may be overusing too-complex words for readers to understand - try more moderation with these words. It's really just a suggestion on my part. Because at some places, it really was lengthy and hard to grasp what was trying to be brought across such as 'A mere lovers’ sunset stroll through the park has never before triggered such a paradoxical incongruity of awe and fear stamped so plainly on the faces of the self-proclaimed “jaded” denizens of Ikebukuro'. I do actually get what you're trying to bring across, but for me to pause and think for a moment - what does paradoxical or jaded mean? - it breaks the enjoyment of reading somewhat, understanding is key to what leads to a reader gaining satisfaction from the story. ♥

Otherwise, I really don't have much concrit to give, excellent work
海斗 ✘ Sam: Durarara: Shizu-chansummer_sierra on June 3rd, 2010 08:05 am (UTC)
First of all, thanks so much for taking the time to leave such a thoughtful comment! I really appreciate it.

I completely understand (and agree with) what you've written, since it's an issue I usually have to negotiate when I write. Truth is, not only had I been stuck with writer's block for a while before writing this fic, but once the words started flowing (rather over-enthusiastically, apparently), I also ended up writing the majority of it in the early hours of the morning, which is a recipe for issues like this. Next time around, I'll mind that nagging impulse to keep everything in moderation. :D

Thanks for reading! I'm glad it was at least enjoyable, despite the vocabulary mumbojumbo. ♥
schandefreudeschandefreude on June 3rd, 2010 07:41 am (UTC)
Hi, looks like I've found someone who writes like me.
I've been effaced for "bombarding" (I feel indignant)people with queer and alienable vocabulary in my writings before and when I read your story (brilliant by the way) I found some reassurance. Sorry, this sounds like a personal soap box!

Anyway, I enjoyed how you pulchritudinously captured the amorous side of our enigmatic sommelier Shizu. Great work, cheers:)
海斗 ✘ Sam: Durarara: Shizu-chansummer_sierra on June 3rd, 2010 08:21 am (UTC)
I'm glad my writing was at least worth some reassurance, then! ♥ I've experienced the same problem, since I never intend to "bombard" people with superfluous vocab; everyone has his own style, right?

Thanks for persevering through my etymological lucubrations. XD
mellishscratchmist on June 26th, 2010 04:49 am (UTC)
I've been looking for some more Shizuo, Celty fic (mostly because I'm very intrigued by their friendship) - so I'm glad I found this. I liked the flow, and the writing is original. I thought Izaya was in character - I'm a little more doubtful about Shizuo, because I share Izaya's disbelief that Shizuo could be that sappy, haha. Well, I thought the wording carried that scene through regardless. I also like the song you shared. :)
海斗 ✘ Sam: Durarara: Shizuo x Celtysummer_sierra on July 1st, 2010 03:05 am (UTC)
First off, thanks very much for reading and taking the time to comment! I've been meaning to write some more humorous fic with these two, since there's never enough of it to go around. :]

I agree with you about Shizuo, though I would think that softer side might stem from him never having experienced this kind of relationship before. I'm glad Izaya was in-character, at least. Haha, that song just fits him so perfectly. XD
obviouslygeeky: durarara: shizuo.obviouslygeeky on July 1st, 2010 08:30 am (UTC)
Fantastic! I really enjoyed this (I love Shizuo/Celty friendship in the anime) - very well-written, thank you for sharing ;)
海斗 ✘ Sam: Durarara: Shizuo x Celtysummer_sierra on July 1st, 2010 12:09 pm (UTC)
Thank you~! Yeah, I love the way they interact in the anime/novels; their scenes together usually make me laugh. :D Thanks for reading!